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Re: Removing 90/CQ speakers-front

Hi Christian

I fitted a pair of Pioneer TS-1025s to the original apertures in the dash
of my 1988 80.

The OE (Blaupunkt) speakers were blown out by the previous owner and
weren't up to much anyway. The Pioneers are 2-way, 60 watts continuous (100
watts peak) and sound wonderful. I've compared them to Sony, Blaupunkt and
Philips speakers (the major names in Holland) and they stood out by a mile.
In my car the speakers are behind round metal grilles, which are clamped
into the dash and easily removed. They are ahead of the demister outlets
for the doors. The speakers were clamped in as well and just lifted out. It
took me all of five minutes to replace them.
The Pioneers are marketed here in Holland as 'custom fit' for my Audi. The
previous owner had fitted very expensive Pioneer rear speakers already, so
with my JVC AM/FM CD head unit I've got great sounds in my car. I would
like an even tighter bass, but boot space is limited already and I don't
fancy the likes of people driving around polluting the environment with
their taste (or lack of it) in music.

Bye, Tom.

OK, fellow Q heads....
My '90 Coupe Quattro's front speakers sound so bad (LO-FI), they must be
replaced soon!....NOW, what do you all suggest as a quality speaker brand
and/or model that would fit nicely in the front dash, and how do you remove
them in the first place?  I'v been on my back in the passenger footwell for
quite a while, and i still don't see an obvious way to remove the front
speakers....who knows the "trick"?

1st - I replace the Speakers
2nd - I upgrade to a CD player!
3rd - I buy all the Pink Floyd remaster CDs!

Christian J long
1990 90
1990 CQ

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