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new product announcement

Hello all,
Just a quick note to let all my friends on the qlist know about
the new addition to the Lawson family and associate member
of the quattro list. 

Make:           Lawson
Model:          Kelly Jean
Curb Weight: 8 lbs 3 oz
Length:         20.5 in
Intro Date:     3:35AM MDT  July 8, 1996

Mom and daughter are doing fine and should be
coming home today or tomorrow. And for those of you
wondering, the TQC hasn't turned over yet, I'm still a couple
days away from that point. Hopefully it should happen in
the next few weeks. (Yea right, thats what I have said for the
last 6 months.) 

Dave Lawson  71344.2441@compuserve.com