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'91 20V QTW opinions/2 5k FS

Hi : 

I've finally located the perfect family hauler : '91 200TQW 20V, BBS, leather,
ABS, airbag, ht seats etc, asking $10,500, no mileage listed.  What are people
paying for these now?  This seems like an excellent price even if it has 100k 
miles.  Are these as easy to modify for more power as the 5ktq series?  Stock 
was 217hp, right?  Anything peculiar to watch out for with the 20V head? 
Anyway, if I can swing it, I'd like to put up my '87 5kcst and/or '88 5ks for 
sale.  Help! I'm running out of garage space. 

1. '87 5kcst 132k, 5-spd, burgundy, timing belt, clutch master cyl., brakes, 
all tune-up stuff, new Boge TG shocks, new Comp T/A tires, stiffer wastegate 
spring, (has a/c leak),Sony removeable-face 20Wx4, $3995 OBO 
2. '88 5ks 100k,  5-spd, silver blue, timing belt, all maintenance $3995 OBO

p.s. on the UrQ vs 944T debate, no one mentioned that the 944T was assembled 
by **Audi** in Neckarsulm and has an Audi tranny which is superior to the ones
in the 911.  That makes it half-an-Audi in my book.


Steve Jagernauth  sjagernauth@attmail.com  (908) 658-8289 voicemail anytime
'74 911/3.0, '87 944T : 'fer dee track
'87 5kcst, '88 5ks : 'fer dee street