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Burned Treasures

 treilley_at_BANKMARK@conseco.com (treilley) writes:

 Former Subject: Re[2]: Mom wants a Quattro!

 Tr> He lost a few beautiful and classic cars in that fire.  I got
 Tr> sick  when I saw the cars inside with the burnt roof fallen in on
 Tr> them. 

     Not as bad as the feeling I got when I saw the remains of
     Pablo Escobars' (the drug scumbag kingpin from Columbia)
     automobile collection. I don't recall whether it was the
     Federales or the competition that torched his garage, but
     the one picture I saw had the charred remains of 2 early
     300SL's (gullwing & convertible) and what looked like an
     Auburn or Dietrich Packard BBQ'ed in the backround.


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