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Re: QTC: Starter issues


I can attest to the fact that installing the relay will cure the hot starting problem (98.5% of the time!)

I used to own an '80 4KS that had a mild case of the hot "no starts," that got rapidly worse after I purchased 
 it.  I took a Bosch 30A relay (the variety that Audi already used 12 of in the design of the car) and wired 
into the starting circut as you described.  I know that there is considerably more juice there than 30A, but 
unless you're in the habit of cranking you're car for minutes at a time you should be just fine.  (Once as a 
test I disconnected the coil and cranked the car for 45 seconds and checked the relay . . . didn't even feel 

Everything worked well while I owned the car.  I sold it to a friend 1 1/2 years later.  The only other 
problem was that sometime around the car's 15th birthday, the trigger wire from the ignition switch to the 
relay developed a permanent "open circut" condition.  I simply ran a new trigger wire from the ignition switch 
to the starter/relay and everything work flawlessly until the car met it's demise at the front end of a GMC 
who ran a red light.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you need more specifics.

'85 Coupe GT
Welches, OR

Gary G. Erickson
Business Solution Integrators, Inc.
503-702-5789       e-mail: erickson@teleport.com