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RE: '91 20V QTW opinions/2 5k FS

I'd be very, very careful with that 20v wagon. In good shape with 50-60K
miles, they go for at least high teens, so this may be a reconstituted
(read: previously crashed) car. On the other hand, it may simply have a
ton of miles and be a little beat up.

Pretty easy to get more power out of, but not - as I understand - as
easy or relatively cheap as the 10v engines. Stock is 217bhp/227lb.ft.
- peter henriksen, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

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>Subject: 	'91 20V QTW opinions/2 5k FS
>Hi : 
>I've finally located the perfect family hauler : '91 200TQW 20V, BBS,
>ABS, airbag, ht seats etc, asking $10,500, no mileage listed.  What are
>paying for these now?  This seems like an excellent price even if it has 100k
>miles.  Are these as easy to modify for more power as the 5ktq series?  Stock
>was 217hp, right?  Anything peculiar to watch out for with the 20V head? 
>Anyway, if I can swing it, I'd like to put up my '87 5kcst and/or '88 5ks for
>sale.  Help! I'm running out of garage space. 
>1. '87 5kcst 132k, 5-spd, burgundy, timing belt, clutch master cyl., brakes, 
>all tune-up stuff, new Boge TG shocks, new Comp T/A tires, stiffer wastegate 
>spring, (has a/c leak),Sony removeable-face 20Wx4, $3995 OBO 
>	OR
>2. '88 5ks 100k,  5-spd, silver blue, timing belt, all maintenance $3995 OBO
>p.s. on the UrQ vs 944T debate, no one mentioned that the 944T was assembled 
>by **Audi** in Neckarsulm and has an Audi tranny which is superior to the
>in the 911.  That makes it half-an-Audi in my book.
>Steve Jagernauth  sjagernauth@attmail.com  (908) 658-8289 voicemail anytime
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>'87 5kcst, '88 5ks : 'fer dee street