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Re: V8 Life Span

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996 HKravec@aol.com wrote:

> Any thoughts when this beast might lay down and die??

audi claims that they designed the engine to outlive the car, so chances
are that you will be junking the car due to its other bits failing
repeatedly rather than the engine going.  i would say that the slushbox
would fail before the engine, and those are expensive.

they also raced the v8 in GTCC for 2 years.  i am not aware of any engine
failures that the team suffered, even when running with nearly 500 bhp and
9500 rpms.

i've had the v8 for 6 years and 90K miles, had lots of warranty repairs
for everything including a complete tranny swap, but the engine has not
had a single hiccup since day 1.