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Re: Lawson & Breather Hose

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996 15:14:57 CDT Al wrote:

1)  Insert cold brewski firmly in hand;
2)  Approach car, muttering "FINE car, NICE car, AUZGEZEICHNET 
3)  Pop hood
4)  Run hand over hoses while reducing level of fluid in brown glass 

I'll second that...

I've found the bottom hose and the multi-port hose on the rocker 
cover (10V model) turn to mush and/or crack...)

I'll second this as well.  I yanked these out of my 90 and found a cracked
three-port "elbow" thing and "mushed" hose from elbow to intake manifold.
Additionally, these pieces were coated with what appeared to be rubber
cement and nicely wrapped up in electrical tape.  I guess the previous
owner/mechanic decided to rig it rather than spend the $4 on a new elbow and
hose.  Maybe this worked for some time, but not now; the vacuum leak was as
plain as day when I checked it out.  

1988 90