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Re: return

>One question. Has anyone put new tires on yet? I am planning on putting
>225/50 R16 Dunlop D40M2's this week. They have the same circumference as the
>205/55's and supposedly enough clearance. Has anyone heard differently?

Remember, the whole suspension is a system, not just a bunch of parts...
I see those people with the really wide, offset rims and tires sticking
out from the fender flare of their "Yo mobiles" and just shake my head.
A change as insignificant as an extra 20mm shouldn't make a lot of
difference, but from what I understand, the A4 has it's center of rotation
almost directly in the center of the contact patch.

I'd suspect the tire size change wouldn't do a lot to this though.  I'd be
interested in hearing what the outcome is if you do make the change.  There's
a book called "How to make your car handle" that's really good.  It goes
into all the issues of tradeoffs and how to get better handling.  I
unfortunately don't have a reference to it here -- it's back in Colorado...

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