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Re: Leather Sport Seat We

 HKravec@aol.com writes:

 Hk> Hello,
 Hk> Does anyone out here know how/where I can get the 'Sport Seat' leather
 Hk> cover to my V8 replaced???  The seat is wearing where it juts out as I
 Hk> enter/exit the car. The dealer wants about $1k for a new cover and my
 Hk> local upholstery is suggesting some cheap substitute.  In case it
 Hk> matters, the color is Marine Blue.

     Seems kinda high. The local Mercyless Benz Dealer had the whole
     rear seat (headrest type) on a new style SEL500 done in matching
     leather at a local Auto Top and Seat place for $600. So I doubt
     the front seats on a V8 could be that expensive. BTW-the reason
     the seat needed replacing was that the "genius" that works
     the lot placed the "crash cart" (battery jumper on wheels) on
     the back seat of the car. Evidently he wasn't aware that
     these things are nothing more than tricle chargers with full
     size Lead ACID batteries inside.

     You might give AAA small car world in Texas a call, they
     advertised 2 or 3 V8Q's that they're parting out. Maybe
     able to get a good deal on the whole seat.


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