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Under dash panel removal

Dan Masi wrote:
> Thanks for the info on removing the A4 door panels!
> Now, one more question: anyone know how to remove the
> under-dash panel?  The one that covers the underside of
> the dash from the driver's footwell area?  There are a few
> clips that seem to imply that the whole panel slides forward
> to remove, but it doesn't want to budge.
> Dan Masi

OK..   Open drivers door and remove fuse panel cover on side of dash, there is one screw 
holding the side of the under-dash panel.  
On the under-dash panel there are two horizonal black trim pieces ( one long and one 
short) carefully "pop" them out, to reveal one screw behind each piece.
There is one more screw near the bottom of the panel (lower right side) that you can 
see, without having to remove anything.
Now pull the panel forward and out.

I haven't made it to the rear panel yet, so if anybody knows how to get to the rear 
speakers, (to get them out) let me know.

Richard Gonzalez


93 Toyota 4x4
96 A4Q