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AC HP/LP ???

     I recently got a fresh charge put in my AC.  Ever since, the
     compressor seems to cycle every 5-10 seconds.  It does not do so
     when the car is idling.  The air is very cold however.

     I am thinking that this might be due to the system being a little
     bit overcharged?  Do the AC systems in the 1990 Audi 100 have a
     high pressure switch ?  If so, maybe I can disable it?

     This is the system with the Nippondenso
     10P17C.  I don't suspect the AC programmer since it seems to be
     operating fine and setting the system to LO does not effect the

     However, I am not an expert in anyway and any thoughts/suggestions
     would be appreciated.  Thanks.

     - Vikram.