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Re: Play in differential ?

Hi Vikram,

My 1988 80 (116 K miles) 5sp/man. has the same problem, to a lesser degree.
I suspect the engine mounts, as the play can be felt -and seen- in the gear
lever, the whole lever moving forward whenever the clutch comes in. I also
notice this when I release the accelerator in fourth or fifth gear. The
engine mounts are known to be a weak point, as they're soft to start with.
The whole thing doesn't feel like transmission play to me. The trans makes
no noise whatsoever, shifting smoothly and crisply. The only sign of wear
so far is a very slight noise when upshifting from 2nd to 3rd with a cold
'box. Still the best 5-speed manual 'box in any car I've driven, EVER.

regards, Tom

1988 80 1.8S FWD

     I had posted a message some time ago regarding some kind of play or
     looseness in the manual tranny of my 1988 Audi 80.  Whenever I shift
     gears and release the clutch there is some play and then the tranny
     engages with a jerk and thunk.  Possible maladies suggested were:

     1.  Worn tranny bushing   (old one checked out as ok, replaced

     2.  Worn engine mounts (checked out ok, replaced anyway)

     3.  Worn bushings  (seem to look ok)

     Yesterday, I jacked up the car and with it in 1st gear, tried to
     rotate each wheel.  Both wheels rotate about 15 degrees and I can
     a springy noise.  They do not rotate at the inner or outer CV's
     but in the tranny - however I thought this was normal, not sure

     Ideas/suggestions ????

     Best Regards,

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