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RE: Tires for the next SNOW??

Michelin Alpins have worked extremely well for our (FWD, of course)
Legend, so I'm planning to check into those for the 200. I don't know
about the sizes they come in though, so YMMV.
- peter henriksen, peterhe@microsoft.com, issaquah, wa
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  80 mazda 626

>From: 	John W. Seitz[SMTP:jwseitz@compsol.net]
>Sent: 	Tuesday, July 09, 1996 6:11 PM
>To: 	Quattro Help
>Subject: 	Tires for the next SNOW??
>I know its mid-july, but I'm saving for the perfect snow tire/wheel combo for
>this next snowy season here in
>CT.  Last winter was my first Q winter and it was scary but FUN.  I bought
>the car with 95% used Dunlops
>D60-A2s and didn't know much of them??  So I bought a set of Perelli P-600m/s
>(195/60-14s) which work GREAT in
>rain and dry roads, ok in the deep stuff.  It seemed that when takeing off or
>going thru turns at times the Q
>felt more RWD then AWD (Still e'm confused about that switch in the center 1
>or 2 or off??)??
>So this winter I thought of buying some steel wheels and going with a little
>skiny tire with more tread in it
>for the snow, while keeping the drivable in the non-snow days? Or em I being
>too worried or is this not normal
>for a Q, As in past post I've only driven FWD VW's with 185-60-13's which
>seems to be great in the snow!!
>So what are others doing for snow season with thier Q's?  Any
>brands,sizes,where to buy!!??
>Thanks As Always
>86-4000cs quattro (147,850)
>BTW - Thanks to all for help on that air filter a reel pita, but there was
>bunch of oil resadue in the air
>dist output boot cleaned and running better!!!
>Thanks for all the once again