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Re: Plethora of questions about a 1989 200 Turbo Quattro

William_SWails@mail.amsinc.com wrote:
>      I bought a 1989 Audi 200 Turbo Quattro a couple of months ago, and I
>       4) Above 30 mph I hear wind noise around the bottom center of the
>      windshield. I tried putting a bead of silicone rubber below the chrome
>      strip, but it didn't help. It looks like the windshield was replaced
>      recently. Any ideas how to locate the source of the wind noise and
>      eliminate it?
>      7) Where can I get  the magic spring to increase boost pressure? Are
>      there any negative side effects to increasing the boost? I live at an
>      elevation of 8,000 feet, and work at 5,500 feet, so almost all of my
>      driving is at high elevations. My boost gauge reads .8 bar at 5,000
>      feet, and only .7 bar at 8,000 feet and the most I have ever seen is
>      1.4 bar under heavy load. It seems like I could afford a substantial
>      increase in boost since I'm running in "thin air" all the time. What's
>      the maximum "safe" boost?
>      Sorry for the lengthy questions, but if I can resolve these items, my
>      150,000 mile Quattro should be good as new!
>      Thanks,
>      -Bill-

Maybe to find the windshield leak you can close all the windows and crank 
up the A/C to maximum, pressurizing the interior slightly (assuming 
everything else seals well) and use some bubble-liquid around the 
windshield edge to find the leak a-la the old fix-a-flat method.  I don't 
know if the blower fan can actually pressurize the interior to any 
appreciable degree, but maybe it's worth a shot.

Also, on the subject of pressure, I'm no turbo expert, but I thought that 
a turbo engine will always devlop the same amount of max boost regardless 
of elevation (within reason, of course), it will just take longer for the 
turbo to develop pressure because of the lower air density and that's why 
small turbos work relatively better at high elevations?

Best wishes,