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Re: Tires

     Resonding to 3 different messages regarding tires:
     >>9) Colorado list members-- what's the best tire choice for all 
     >>season mountain driving? Do I need snow tires for winter, or can I 
     >>get by with a good set of all season radials?
     I only drive on New England snow, but I highly recommend snow tires.  
     Nothing works better in snow than snow tires.  I think they might 
     actually be designed to work best in snow, and are called "snow tires" 
     because of that fact. :-).  All-season tires are a compromise.  The 
     times I've been skiing in Colorado, there were big signs in the 
     mountains saying chains were required, but was told that true snow 
     tires were also allowed.  Unless you plan on using chains, use snow 
     tires.  This will also allow you to have better summer tires than 
     all-seasons, which again are a compromise.  The numerous [sorry. can't 
     think of a polite term for morons] who think you don't need snow tires 
     sure were hazards last winter every time it snowed, which it did more 
     or less continuously.  Snow tires are *more* important than having 
     4-wheel drive.  A quattro with snow tires is snow-driving heaven.
     >>So this winter I thought of buying some steel wheels and going with 
     >>a little skiny tire with more tread in it
     I recall that there was a "cold weather" package for my 84 4000Q that 
     included smaller all-season tires.  However, the local tire dealer 
     recommended snow tires that were the same size as my summer tires  
     (195/60).  I have never had a problem.  The car goes so well in the 
     snow that the danger is over-driving your stopping ability.  I use the 
     center differential lock when driving in snow, per the owner's manual 
     suggestion.  The advantage is that you have your normal size tires 
     when the roads clear.
     >>One question. Has anyone put new tires on yet? I am planning on 
     >>putting 225/50 R16 Dunlop D40M2's this week. They have the same 
     >>circumference as the 205/55's and supposedly enough clearance. Has 
     >>anyone heard differently?
     My understanding of tires is that a 215/50 or 225/45 would have the 
     same circumference as a 205/55.  I just put D40M2's on my V8 (bought 
     last March).  They seem OK.  (New shocks made a much bigger 
     difference!)  They'll be at Watkins Glen with the Quattro club next 
     week (attached to my car with me driving).  I'll have a much stronger 
     opinion after that.  Every tire shop says they are just excellent 
     track tires.
     Jack Rich
     84 4000 Q - For sale, too many cars
     90 V8 (Did I just buy an expensive car to repair???!!!??!!)
     88 'Vette roadster