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Track driving with an automatic

     I'll be at Watkins Glen with the quattro club next week, and I'm 
     wondering if any of you have advice for me regarding what to do with 
     the automatic slushbox on my V8 while on the track.  I've driven on a 
     track only twice before in my 4000Q, which has a manual.  Somehow, an 
     automatic and a race track don't go together in my mind.  The 
     automatic has an economy mode (useless on the track), a sport mode, 
     and a manual mode.  Should I just leave it in sport mode and let it do 
     the shifting, or should I move the lever to force lower gears?  Or 
     should I use the manual mode and do all the shifting?  (It's a bit 
     slower to shift in manual mode than a real manual transmission.)  It 
     seems to me the manual mode would only be useful to force a higher 
     gear, which I don't know if I'll ever need to do on the track.  Any 
     experienced suggestions?
     Jack Rich