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Re: '97 A4

Hairy green toads from Mars made jackr@internet.kronos.com say:

>      >>So, any ideas what Audi is putting out for '97
>      I call my Audi salesman to find out these things.  (Poor guy hasn't 
>      sold me anything except in November of '83.)
>      He says the 30-valve V6 builds will start in October, so they will get 
>      the first ones in January.  This will have about 20 more hp than the 
>      standard v6 (bringing it to about 195 hp). Drool.
>      The 150HP 20-valve turbo 4 cylinder will be available, though it will 
>      only be available with an automatic initially!!!!!  It will be about 
>      $3000 less than the standard V6.

Is this true that the turbo is $3K *less* than the V6? If so, maybe
I should get Mom to wait for that one. She'd like the $3K savings,
and I'd like the turbo. Strictly for occasional test drives to insure
the integrity of repairs, yaknow.... :-)

Why is it that calls to Audi salesman are always so expensive.
My first cost $15K, my second cost $17K....


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