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Re: painting ur-q rear spoiler?

Would it be possible to glue some sort of flexible vinyl over the spoiler?
It would be tricky to do a proper looking job, but possibly a shop that
does vinyl roofs could do it.  Alternatively, I wonder if it would be
reasonable to sheath it in fiberglass, and then paint the glass.  Might
make an interesting mail-order business for someone with the right

>Glen Powell wrote:
>> Richard Funnell writes:
>> > I wonder about its condition, however, if people can create cracks by
>> > pushing with their fingers.  Also, the surface of mine doesn't look much
>> > like paint.  It seems to be a flat, unpainted black (in its younger days)
>> > plastic.  It sounds as if someone has already painted yours.  Is it not
>> > rigid enough to lightly sand it by hand?
>> Earlier TQCs and coupe GTs have black (unpainted) rear spoilers.
>> Later cars come from the factory with body-color painted ones.
>> Glen's TQC is an '85, so he probably has one of the later styles.
>> Yessir, mine is body-color. (Graphite Black Metallic) The shop that just
>>painted the front bumper cover and valence (airdam) and did a GREAT
>job actually refus
>> -glen
>The spoiler on my silver '84 4KQ is painted black.  It is also
>fissured and cracked and generally looks terrible close up.  The paint
>seems to be some kind of rubberized product, but so far I haven't
>undertaken to paint it.  I'm afraid that using any kind of chemical to
>strip the paint might damage the rubber as well.  I've unfortunately lost
>touch with my friend who was a body man in NJ, so I'm in the dark too.
>Why did Audi paint it?  I have seen later Coupe GTs with the unpainted,
>hard-foam rubber spoilers that resemble anti-skid floor-mat material,
>and look great after many years of service.

Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL