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Re: Plethora of questions about a 1989 200 Turbo Quattro

   Also, on the subject of pressure, I'm no turbo expert, but I thought that 
   a turbo engine will always devlop the same amount of max boost regardless 
   of elevation (within reason, of course), it will just take longer for the 

Correct, within reason. However, that "boost" is relative to "ambient"
pressure, so if you're on top of Pike's Peak (for example), the 10PSI
of boost brings you up to almost sea-level pressure... (OK, it's not
*that* bad, but you get the idea)

   turbo to develop pressure because of the lower air density and that's why 
   small turbos work relatively better at high elevations?

I would have thought that larger turbos work better at lower ambient
pressures, with more swept area to compress. Dunno . . .