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Snow Tires

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    >9) Colorado list members-- what's the best tire choice for all 
    >season mountain driving? Do I need snow tires for winter, or 
    >can I get by with a good set of all season radials?

On my 5KCSTQ, I had a set of Yokohama AVS U+4 all season tires 
(205/60-15 V-rated).  I left them on all year and never had any 
problems in the mountains in the snow.  This included many apre-ski 
runs across Rabbit Ears Pass in blizzard conditions.  I agree that 
snow tires (Blizzaks) are definately better, but not absolutely 
necessary.  I learned this at the Steamboat ice driving school where 
almost everyone else had new Blizzaks on their cars.  Quattros with 
four Blizzaks are simply awesome!

Jim Warren
Fort Collins, Colorado