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FS: '90 90q20v (?)

Well, I decided tonight to call our home-town dealer.  I don't know what the
local Omaha dealer's problem is, but the dealer back in Colorado (Fort Collins)
had exactly the car we want -- for a second time...  So calling them was a
bit mistake.

It sounds like the 30v engine will be available in about another year.
I don't think we're really interested in waiting until then.  The V6
is a pretty nice engine from what I recall.  Anyway, I'll stop my rambling
and get back to the issue at hand...

That would make our '90 available.  About it -- you can see it at
http://www.tummy.com/jafo/ but you'll have to poke around somwhere under
there.  It's a 90 20 valve quattro, red with grey leather interior.  88.xK

We purchased it at slightly more than 60K miles.  Had the 60K
maint done on it including timing belt, water pump, idler arm, cam cover
gasket, O2 sensor.  Since we've had it (a bit over a year), it's only gotten
synthetic fluids.  We've loved the car.

It has it's share of problems -- a hesitation at 3500 to 4K RPM.  That's
annoying.  It needs to have the A/C recharged (it's been at least a year,
and is pretty weak).  The back-light in the radio and digital clock went
within a couple of months of each other.  The dome light hasn't ever
worked reliably (but the back seat lights work fine as does the passengers
map light).  It seems to leak oil sporadically around the cam cover.

We had taken it in to have the hesitation fixed and get rid of the oil
leak (the gasket was replaced).  We had spilled oil, so they couldn't
track the cause of the oil.  It definately leaks on the exhaust though
because once every couple of weeks we can smell it when we stop.  The
car has been well maintained since we've had it.  Oh, and the suspension
is squeaking -- I'd go for a bushing replacement to get some of the good
ones in there, but I suspect we could have just lubricated it.

The paint is in good shape, we haven't wrecked it and it didn't look like
the previous owner did either.  A couple of months ago (when we were doing
our serious waxing) I cleaned up the stone chips which had been poorly
repaired by the previous owner.  I used metal prep (a special acid for
body work) and rust-proof primer in a total of less than 1cm^2 area on
the front.

Since we've had it, the car has been well maintained.  The A4 is MUCH more
refined though.  The deal is that the dealer in Colorado has the car we
want.  We'd either be making the deal this weekend, or laying a deposit
down and doing the deal next week end.  From what I understand, the book
price is $10500 wholesale (12.xK retail), but that didn't include the
20v or other allowances.  I'd be looking for $10K on it ($500 below
wholesale -- the price we could probably trade it in for with no hassles).

We could deliver it to somwhere in northern CO, southern WY, or Nebraska
on our way back.  However, it has to be very little hassel -- we should have
no problems getting that much for trade in.

I know, it's a long shot...  I don't even know if it's a great deal -- I saw
somone saying they had a friend looking at a '90 TQC (not 20v) with 120K
miles for $8K.  I thought I'd offer it to the list first though.  It's truely
a great car, and we'll be sad to see it go.

Let me know via e-mail, that's the best way to contact me.

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