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Re: painting ur-q rear spoiler?

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I have considered building myself a new spoiler out of sheet aluminum.  An
elegant main wing, with two endpieces for looks and safety, with two
supports to bolt to the hatch.  Powder coat it black and voila!  So if I
made many (I'm already running a mail order speaker business) would you all
want to buy???

Unfortunately I just "unsubscribed" because I don;t have time to read 100
Email messages a day (boo hoo - I like to)  so if you are interested (anyone
) in pursuing this project - and people who can do the metalwork efficiently
take note - please Email me directly.  Thank you.

Huw Powell
(visit http://www.thebook.com/human-speakers)

82 coupe (208k mi)
73 F250
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Date: Wednesday, 10-Jul-96 08:54 PM

From: Ernest Wong              \ Internet:    (esw5@cornell.edu)
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Subject: Re: painting ur-q rear spoiler?

[from Richard Funnell]

>Would it be possible to glue some sort of flexible vinyl over the spoiler?
>It would be tricky to do a proper looking job, but possibly a shop that
>does vinyl roofs could do it.  Alternatively, I wonder if it would be
>reasonable to sheath it in fiberglass, and then paint the glass.  Might
>make an interesting mail-order business for someone with the right

Or perhaps, maybe them tacky carbon-fiber look-alike adhesive sheet might do
the trick for disguising the cracking/peeling spoiler.

Living vicariously through the Internet . . .

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