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Cruise Problem Diagnosis

Ladies and Gents du Quattro,

 I'd like to know if someone can give me quick run-down of where to start   
checking to diagnose the problem with my cruise...it doesn't work at all.

I just have no idea where to start after seeing that the vacuum lines   
appear to be hooked up and the fuse is good.  I am curious about a nipple   
that looks like its designed for another hose that has no hose...and I   
don't know where it would come from since it appears to have no mate   
under the hood.  The nipple in question is on the left hand side of the   
"big box" when your belly is hanging over the grill.  It's right next to   
an identical one about a 1/4 inch away.  The car is a 1990 90Q20v.  So,   
where do I start?

 I'm going cross country next month and would really like to get it   

   Paul Royal
 1990 90Q20v
 1987 5Ks (FOR SALE $1500....248K miles)
 1967 SS/RS Camaro