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Had one of those fiber grommets brake on my car and guess what, my car 
stuck wide open. At first I thought to myself after defending Audi 
against unintended acceleration for years its happening to me!  Went 
to the dealer and found out you had to by the linkage to get that 
grommet, so I did about $30..  A couple of months later a friend of 
mine had one of the grommets break on his 84 Golf GTI and he asked me 
to pic one up at the dealer for him next time I went (to often).  I 
warned him he would have to buy the rod with it and he agreed.  Got to 
the dealer and guess what, on VW's they sell these things seperate, 
and they are identical to the Audi's part cost around $1.50.  Go 
figure, I guess we do own the luxury brand of VW and maybee we should 
be able to afford to replace the cylinder heads when we need spark