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RE: Questions about'86 4KQ mods

On Jul 11, 1996 10:13:28, '"Glen Powell" <gpowell@acacianet.com>' wrote: 
>Questions from a newcomer...=20 
>1-If I want to turbocharge my new 80,000 mi. '86 4KQ, is it advisable to 
>use a turbo from another Audi 5 cylider engine...it would seem to be a 
>simple switch...or are there other, better applications available? (I = 
>notice many people on this list w/.tubocharged 4ks...too crowded under = 
>hood? Transmission can't handle it? You'd think it would be a common 
>modification. Or is it better to start by opening up the exhaust = 
>system?) =20 
>Best bet is to upgrade to the ur-q, they are very reasonably priced for = 
>the pre-1985 cars. The cost of upgrading to the ur-q may very well be = 
>lower Vs trying to 'add a turbo' to the 4KQ, plus you get all the = 
>benefits of the better suspension, big tahrs & wheels, those awesome = 
>flared fenders, etc. The add-a-turbo approach with the 4KQ can and has = 
>been done, but, it's not a practical or inexpensive upgrade, if it were = 
>you would see a lot more of them here..... 
>2-Any suggestions on firming up the suspension, different tires..street = 
>only? I just bought the car; it's currently set up stock...too much body 
>roll, too much rebound.=20 
>The ur-q upgrade addresses these issues very well, though there are = 
>excellent upgrade options of the 4KQ suspension at reasonable prices. #1 =

>suspension upgrade for the 4KQ would be the Koni adjustable struts, = 
--Thanks for your suggestions. I would have bought an ur-q, but for very
particular reasons I need 4 doors. Konis are what I've been considering...
any suggestions on good price sources? 
PS What do IMFO +IMHO mean?