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Misc. Bidness

> From: abk@phy.duke.edu (Andrei Kogan)
> Subject: Transmission shop kills my car

[horror story deleted]

Andrei, there is obviously no excuse for this situation.  That 
transmission is a standard VW transmission.  Any competent shop 
should have been able to fix it.  Remember, they can SAY 
anythign they want about being liable only for the differential 
repair, but that is only their POSITION.  IMO, they are WRONG.  
At the very least, they are responsible for every single dollar they 
billed you, as this baseline is true:

The car was drivable when it came in, and is NOT drivable now.  
Therefore, the implied warranty that repairs will correct a problem 
has not been met.  (I don't recall the legal name, but there's a 
legal concept widely recognized that work which is done should 
produce the effect for which it is performed, - and products which 
are sold should serve the purpose they are sold for.)

The MINIMUM response:
I would call your county or city authorities NOW and ask how to lodge 
a claim in small clains court (you can't pay an attorney for this and 
come out ahead) and have the paperwork ready the next time you talk 
to this guy.  Tell him you want an IMMEDIATE refund of every penny 
you have paid him, plus the car re-assembled to where it can be 
driven.  If you do this and they agree, take it to another shop, 
throw out the tranny and transaxle, and install used ones.

The BETTER response:
Go to small claims court and sue for a used, serviceable transmisson  
and differential.  If successful, have a different shop install it.  IF the total 
exceeds the amount allowed in small claims court, reduce your claim 
to just under the legal limit, then take the loss on the difference.

***The most LOGICAL response: ***
Sue in small claims court for a full refund of every penny you paid 
him.  Sell the 84 4K for parts and get a newer car.  The newer ones 
are superior vehicles, and you can't drive that 84 forever, anyway.

> From: "W. Erskine" <cbwde@digital.net>
> Got to 
> the dealer and guess what, on VW's they sell these things seperate, 
> and they are identical to the Audi's part cost around $1.50.  Go 
> figure, I guess we do own the luxury brand of VW...

True again.  Get the right VW part number and many times it fits the Audi 
for less $$.

> From: Eric Renneisen <renneie@hlthsrc.com>

The Hon. Mitch Loesher showed me something I 
didn't know about German electrical clips, like those on the 
throttle, etc - if you push IN on the little loop in the center of the wire 
bail/clip, the ears (ends) will spread out and you can pull the clip 
off without removing the metal wire clip.  Wish the clips on my 
280ZX worked the same way....

> From: TMein@aol.com

> To find out how much your car is worth, you can call some local banks 
> and ask for a used car loan. Describe the car as if you were to buy it
> (mileage/options/condition) and they will give you a blue book value. 
> For free.

Or fire up your web browser and look at:


They will give you good prices on all used cars and trucks back thru 

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