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Audi 80 Heater unit

Hi All.

I've recently purchased a 1987 Audi 80. One day whilst I was happily driving
along, about a million flower petals spewed forth from the blower vents.
After a quick inspection under the scutter plate at the heater intake
manifold, I found that I was missing the heater intake mesh.

Thinking that it should be a doddle to fit, I ordered one from my local
dealer. However, when I tried to fit it I could find no way of attaching it
to the intake manifold. I checked over the Haynes manual (for all the help
that it was) but according to the diagrams I'm not missing any parts. As a
final resort to hold it in place I used bulldog clips.

Does anyone know how the mesh is meant to be held in place ?


Graeme Love