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Snow Tires

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     I'll echo fellow Coloradoan Jim and say that all-seasons are the way 
     to go in the Colorado Front Range area. I agonized over whether to 
     have two sets of rims and tires, but the number of days/year that snow 
     is actually on the road is a dozen or less. And you'll be scrubbing 
     off that soft Blizzak compound on hard pavement 150 other days during 
     the snowfall season. Not to mention snow tires are hardly ever rated 
     over 100MPH, and the dense winter air tempts one to let the throttle 
     Snow tires are just not justified here, UNLESS your lifestyle includes 
     weekly trips up the passes into snow country. I went skiiing only 
     monthly, and absolutely never had problems on my (politically 
     incorrect) Firestone touring tires. I'd argue that the Audi winter 
     package (heated mirrors, wipers, etc.) is money better spent if 
     concerned about winter driving safety.
     Mark Andre
     Fort Collins CO
     91 MMTQWIA3
     >    >9) Colorado list members-- what's the best tire choice for all 
     >    >season mountain driving? Do I need snow tires for winter, or 
     >    >can I get by with a good set of all season radials?
     >On my 5KCSTQ, I had a set of Yokohama AVS U+4 all season tires 
     >(205/60-15 V-rated).  I left them on all year and never had any 
     >problems in the mountains in the snow.  This included many apre-ski 
     >runs across Rabbit Ears Pass in blizzard conditions.  I agree that 
     >snow tires (Blizzaks) are definately better, but not absolutely 
     >necessary.  I learned this at the Steamboat ice driving school where 
     a>lmost everyone else had new Blizzaks on their cars.  Quattros with 
     >four Blizzaks are simply awesome!
     >Jim Warren
     >Fort Collins, Colorado