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Re: HELP Audi 5000-S, STALLING while cruising

Let me recount a similar mystery I fianally solved with my Merkur XR4Ti.  
We finally discovered a corroded distributor cap along with a couple of 
other corroded electrical contacts were causing the car to die on me 
spontaneously...freeway, uphill, night, day--you name it.  Try to note 
the humidity when it dies on you, mine would die when it was raining or 
even just moderately humid.  
I feel for you though, I know what it's like to turn the key every 
morning with a prayer--Thank goodness my audi is a trooper, it starts no 
matter what!
good luck!

> Regarding the car just 'shutting down while highway driving' -- when
> it happens I'm cruising and it happens without warning. It happened
> about 4 or 5 times while driving home last evening (highway driving
> for about 80km; my speed was between 100 and 120km/hr). Arriving home
> I turned of the motor and the only power available to me when the key
> was turned on again was the ability to close windows and sun roof.
> This morning (crossing my fingers) it started without hesitation. I
> will follow the lead of your suggestions, and any other, until this
> most annoying problem is resolved.