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Re: Quick question...

At 10:47 PM 7/11/96 -0600, you wrote:
>	You mentioned in one of your recent e-mails that it's good 
>insurance to pick up an extra heater control valve at the salvage yard as 
>insurance. Sure enough, there was one of those there, too?
>Is there a way to tell if it's functioning right or not? And, BTW, I'd 
>like to know what symptoms of a bad one in the car are.
>It sounded like they went out a lot from what you wrote.

Get a length of vacuum hose and put it on the vacuum port. Apply vacuum via
convenient source (area under nostrils) while holding end up to light - you
should be able to see through it. Remove vacuum - no light.

They tend to split in half and spew all yer coolant out at odd moments.
Other list members have had more than one fail...
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