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Advice needed: WHat to buy?

I will try and keep this short.  I need help from the infinet wisdom of the 
list.  As you know I have an 86 4kq that is set up for autocross, I do not 
and have no desire to drive it on the street any more.  I want to sell my 95 
Dodge Ram 4x4 and buy a car that is fun on the street.  I love my Audi and 
will probably keep it forever.  It has been amazingly durable. 

I have narrowed down the list to the following options, keep in mind I live 
in Columbus, Ohio with potholes and maybe 12 snowy days a year.

1. Ur-Q
2. 5000 TQ
3. 86-88 Porsche 911
4. or a beater plus a Lotus Esprit

My number one choice would be option 4, but is is the most expensive at about 
$35,000.  I owned an 88Esprit and loved it, but it sucks in cold weather and 

I like the 911 in the $20-25k range and it is a good all weather car that 
will hold its value very well with high durability.  It is still more than I 
think I want to spend.  It seems awefully close to the above choice which I 
would prefer and maybe should wait for.

I love the Ur-Q for all of the obvious reasons.  I do not know much about the 
differences between the year or what the price range should be.  Also, can 
you lease these like high-line cars?  I am concerned about the maintenance 
cost on them.  How do part compare to the 86 4kq?  What easy mods can be done 
for more performance?  Do you have a lot of the same electrical problems that 
I read about on the 5000s?

Finally, the real bargain seems to be the 5000 TQ.  I think they look great 
and offer good performance.  What am I getting into with these for 
maintenance?  What are the problems?  WHat mods can be done?  What should 
they cost?  I saw an 87 pearl white/black leather at the dealer with 85k and 
a body kit for $6500.... opinions?  This could be my daily driver and I could 
add the Lotus at a later time when my wife lets me (now she wants a new 
couch!!  I said we can sit in the car;-)).

Any thoughts and opinions will be appreciated.  How would the UrQ or the 5ktq 
look pulling an open trailer with the 4kq race car on the back?  Can they 
haul this much?



Steven Verona, Vice President
DB-Net, Inc.   614-436-6565 ext 15