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Re[2]: Questions about'86 4KQ mods

     Could be.  At my first quattro club event last year at Watkins Glen, I 
     was absolutely astonished to have people admire my car.  (The first 
     time, I thought the guy *must* have pointed at a nearby Porsche.)  In 
     my mind, it was my 12-year-old car, possibly not suited to the track, 
     and my friends thought I was crazy to even drive it that far.  Plus 
     it's nearly the oldest quattro, and certainly the least powerful.  
     Needless to say, I came away with a totally different opinion after 
     the event.  It was Kent Anderson, the president of the quattro club, 
     who told me that it shared the suspension components w/ the 
     ur-quattro.  It's totally stock except for the stereo and wheels.  You 
     could be right.  Kent was pretty drunk at the time.  Anyway, it was 
     the first time anyone had said nice things about my car in several 
     years.  ("Why are you driving that old thing, anyway?"  A: Because the 
     only other car I want is a new one for an extra $28K.)
     My instructor at Lime Rock, later that summer, had an 85.  I didn't 
     drive hers, but she immediately commented on how much more solid the 
     stearing felt.

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Subject: RE: Questions about'86 4KQ mods
Author:  "Glen Powell" <gpowell@acacianet.com> at INTERNET
Date:    7/12/96 07:12

     You would have less body roll in an 84 4000.  It shares some of its =
     suspension with the turbo-coupe (or maybe it's vice-versa?).  85 =
     later cars are much softer in the steering and suspension.  This=20 
     self-serving statement mentioned because I have an 84 for sale.
I have an 84 4KQ and had a few different 85 and 86 4KQs. While the = 
gearing is lower and the car is lighter for the 84, and I much prefer it = 
for track use over the later cars, I feel the suspension is pretty much = 
the same across all the 4KQs. Perhpas you are feeling more the relative = 
lightness and not suspension differences, or perhaps your 84 has some = 
nice suspension goodies on it.....