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Re: Bedding in Brakes

Hairy green toads from Mars made Al Powell say:

> Mr. Andrew & Esteemed Cat:
> When I put the Repcos on my car, they came with an enclosure slip 
> specifying that the installer should drive the car about 30 mph and 
> make 8-10 NEAR-stops (not full stops) from that speed, with at least 
> 1/4 mile between brake applications to avoid too much heat.  This 
> must have worked - the following day the car did five laps at the TX 
> World Speedway and tho the brake pads stank, they suffered no lasting 
> damage.

Hmm. I guess the mechanic that put them in musta done that part.
Of course, that pretty much describes the drive home from the shop....


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