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Re: Shutting Off

>> From: savidesn@audvid.win.net (Darin Nederhoff)
>>  REPLY TO: llavalle@atcon.com (lavallee)
>> Regarding the car just 'shutting down while highway driving' -- when
>> it happens I'm cruising and it happens without warning. It happened
>> about 4 or 5 times while driving home last evening (highway driving
>> for about 80km; my speed was between 100 and 120km/hr).

[Part of the message deleted

exactly the same problem on my 4000S was caused by faulty contacts in the
ignition switch. It would cut the power to the ignition coil off when
riding over a bump were causing vibration. It would happen at least once or
twice a day. After the switch was replaced last summer, it never happened.

Good luck,