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Re: A4 1.8T and Hello

I just found this list--hooray!! On the A4 1.8T, I thought I'd relay some 
information about the 96 A4Q and options. We took delivery of a red/anthracite
A4Q on 4/26 with:
base radio, ski sack (on sticker but "free", suprised by that one),
4 chrome tie-downs in trunk (not listed on sticker), sunroof (doesn't come any 
other way), all-weather pkg (doesn't come any other way in the east US),
std steering wheel, Auto transmission (it wasn't worth the battle <wink>)

Very difficult to get an A4Q at the time. We were lucky that they had one on 
the lot, but 
choosing an automatic made it easier. The dealer had only 3 A4Q but had 20 
in stock! The hot car on the lot was a black/grey A4Q 4-sp--not much dealing on 
model I'd bet.

3300 miles on it and no rattles, but the motion sensors for the alarm
were bad from day 1 and on back-order. Excellent car for blasting through
twisty VT and ME back roads, even with 2 bikes on the roof-rack! The V6 
came in really handy for passing on the 2-lane highways :-) As much fun as
our other car, 89 toyota Celica 2.0L 5-sp, but with much less effort.

We were torn between getting an A4 or a Volvo 850, but then we remembered the 
winter we had in North NJ, and jumped on the A4. I shudder when I think about 
mistake we almost made!