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Re: How to break in my new A4?

hengwei hsu writes:
>   1. Do I need to keep the rpm low during break in?
>      I have a manual A4 and I always try to shift before
>      engine hits 3,000 rpm. But occasionly, I could
>      not resist the temptation of reving it high (to
>      4,000-5,000 rpm). Will that do any harm to the
>      engine? I heard doing this during cruising on the
>      highway will help proper seal of the piston rings.
>      Is this true?

Your A4 owner's manual states that during the first 1000
miles, do not accelerate at full throttle or exceed 3/4
maximum speed (which I presume to be engine speed), so
the gist is to avoid revving it over 4000 rpm or so.
Conventional wisdom also says to keep changing revs as much
as possible (like shifting up and down through the gears).
For the A4 V6, that range would be from 2000 to 4000 rpms.

>   2. Is Audi using any special break-in oil in the new car?

I think not, as the first factory recommended change is at
7,500 miles.  Most break-in oils are not intended for such
long use.

>   3. How soon should I do the first oil change?
>      I heard a lot of people recommend to do the first
>      oil change at ~1,000 miles. The purpose is to remove
>      floating metal particles generated during engine
>      break in.

You can observe the factory recommendations, or you can change
it early... it can't hurt.

>   4. How long is the break in period last?

Audi says 1000 miles, but I think it's more like 2500.

>   5. Any recommendations on the engine oil type/brand?
>      Is synthetic oil any good?

Synthetic oil is great, but don't use it until your car accumulates
a few thousand miles.  I recommend going with conventional oil
until the first 7500-mile change, then use synthetic from then on.

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