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Re: '87 5ksq rear bushings

Lenny Rosenbaum wrote:
> I was told yesterday that I needed to replace my rear control arm bushings,
> both sides.
> Is this an easy task? They quoted me for 2 hours of labor on each side.
> Seems like there must be alot to it, to take 4 hours.
> Has anyone done this procedure themselves?
> Thanks for your help!

I have replaced the rear inner control arm bushings on two 5kcsqw's.
They are probably identical to your setup. The parts were about $60 each side. If 
I worked steadily, encountered no unexpected problems, and had everything handy, 
the job would take less than 2 hours, maybe only an hour in a hurry.

Your mechanic probably looks up the standard hours for the job in a book and 
charges you his rate for the standard time. If he finishes sooner he makes more 
on the job than the shop rate, and if a little later, he has to absorb the loss. 
If there are complications such as rust seisure or other failed parts, you will 
have to approve any charges greater than the original written estimate for 

Special tools required are an hydraulic press and correctly sized support/pushing 
tools, which must be purchased or fabricated, to remove and install the bushings. 
I fabricated the tools and have access to a 10 ton hydraulic press at work, which 
does it easily. I tried an arbor press and it wouldn,t push them.

In summary, I think that the hours quoted are high, but if you don't have the 
facilities, time, or desire to do it, $250-$350 is ok if done right. 

I have seen ugly evidence of attempts to pound these bushings out of the control 
arm. Make sure that whoever works on your Audi understands in advance that hammer 
and chisel workmanship is not appropriate on your car.

BTW the forward rear control arm mounts wear out and separate from their 
housings. If the rubber is pushed out toward the front on these and you hear 
clunking noises on bumps, consider the cost of aligning again later vs. fixing it 
all now. You will not like the price (~$200/ea) of the forward bushings.  

Gil Ceniceros

88 5kcsqw
87 5ksw