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RE: Ouch!!

At 03:09 PM 7/12/96 -0700, you wrote:
>What  broke off was the plastic end of the turbo water pump. The plastic
>is just plain brittle and IMO not worth trying to glue anything to as a
>fix. I just bought a new one from the local dealer for $189.01 + our
>wonderful 8.2% sales tax - plus a gallon of antifreeze for $14.95. I
>will definately save the old pump as it is still good and it looks to me
>like it is possible to swap the plastic head. 

Just went through this drill about 2 months ago. The end piece can be
swapped - however it is a thermoset, thermowelded plastic that is near
impossible to get to glue together, especially considering the temperature
ranges we're talking. I tried about 12 different glues/epoxies. The only
thing that would hold (and still is) was a product called Plastic Welder. It
had a disclaimer that it wasn't good for over 200 degrees. I figured
manufacturer's safety margin, yada dee da. It held, and has since discolored
a lot - but hangs in there. I will replace the pump eventually - after doing
all the 'other things'...

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