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Cc breaher hose

Got my crank case breather hose from Linda - she sent me the wrong part. The 
one she sent was for the MC engine - don't all 91 200q have the 3B engine? Has 
anyone had to return a part to Linda? Too bad they are closed on Saturdays!! 
It's really amazing at how prices in the Seatle area vary. The hose is $103 
from the Tacoma dealer, $106 from the Seattle dealer and $113 from the 
Bellevue dealer. None of them have it in stock. Wish I had not destroyed the 
old one getting it out. 
Anyone had any luck trying to splice in a new piece in the larger diameter 
end? The small end and the 'T' fitting are okay - just bad from the 'T' to the 
large end. This is really turning out to be quite expensive what with having 
to also replace the turbo water pump for ~$200 just because the plastic head 
is shot.

91 200Q Pearl (mine)
91 Caprice Classic (wifes)