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Bridgestone S-02 Tires

-- [ From: Daniel A. Ivanciw * EMC.Ver #2.10P ] --

Hello All,

I have a 1993 S4 and I am in the market for new summer tires (I use
Pirelli W210s in the winter and I love them).  My current summer tires
are Michelin XGT4Vs in 225/50R-16 size.  I really do not like the wet
or dry handling of those tires.

So now it is time to replace the Michelins and I am leaning heavily
toward Bridgestone Potenza S-02 tires in 225/50R-16.  The S-02s are
$454 each through the local Bridgestone dealer, but The Tire Rack sales
them for $245 each.  I do not mind sacrificing a summer vacation to
afford to buy these tires if the tires perform as well as the Tire Rack
says they perform.  I especially want tires that provide excellent wet
traction/handling and are not noisy and the Tire Rack says the S-02s
cannot be beat in the wet.

If anyone has experience regarding the S-02s I would appreciate hearing
from you.  Also, if you can recommend another tire that is excellent
that would be great.  I really enjoy driving my S4 and I hope that new
tires will bring the handling back up to what it was before I switched
to the Michelins.

Thanks.  <<DAN>>