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update on mistaken fluids and other niggling details

Well..  (remember the pentosin in the brake reservoir idiot? That's me!)
    Tuesday (4/8) my trusty mechanic flushed the brake system of Pentosin.
First.. he removed the pentosin and then used some kind of cleaner through the
system, then refilled with DOT 4. He had some trouble bleeding the clutch MC
but after a few days it firmed up. He said that he was puzzled by the
difficulty in bleeding the clutch, especially after he back-bled it (or
something like that). 
    Now onto bigger and better things. I have received a suggestion on
the odd idling behavior. Where the car will not return to normal idle (revs
high) until I jiggle the throttle a bit (from the pedal). I think someone
mentioned a linkage adjustment. I think the problem is tied into the sudden
loss of cruise control. Perhaps there are simply too many things that could be
causing the problem. i'll just have to fiddle for a while when Bertha blows
over, maybe I'll spot something obvious. 
     The AC blower problem hasn't gone away like I prayed it would. Guess I'll
just have to fix that too. :) The trouble is that I really don't know where to
start. I checked the most obvious.. the blower fuse.. but it was fine. I'll let
you know what happens
     And finally.. the most interesting. I noticed a humming type noise coming
from the front of the car. Take the Q out of gear and it is still there at
cruising speeds. Swerve to the left, the noise increases, swerve to the right..
the noise decreases. I also feel a corresponding vibration in the steering
wheel and the gas pedal. Diagnosis: Bad RF wheel bearing? Should I just go
order the part or is it possible that it could be something else. I plan to
have my mechanic install it.
     The only problem which could possibly be dangerous is the wheel bearing
problem. Unless you want to count hot-sweaty irritated friends as a dangerous
problem. I guess the most important question in this little spiel is this: What
could happen if I keep driving on the busted wheel bearing. Is this dangerous?
                                     89 200q
                                     96 A6