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Re: New S6

>It probably very possible to make 400bhp out of the engine from the A4
>5 valves engine. The A4 Super Touring Car uses a 16valves 4 cylinders engine 
>even with a catalytic converter makes 300bhp, it not even turbocharged. If
>you find the latest issue of Racecar Engineering volume 6 issue 2 they have
>a very detail article about the A4 Super Touring Car. I guess if they can
>make 300bhp out of non turbocharged engine then it's very possible and
>easy to make 400bhp out of the same 16valves or the latest 20valves 4 
>cylinders engine with a turbocharger.

Maybe I should have explained myself better.  When I spoke about extracting
400 hp from the forthcoming 2.8l 30 valve turbo engine, I did not mean to
wonder whether it was possible.  I wondered if it could be done in a car
that would remain a practical daily driver.  I doubt the cam profile on the
BTCC cars would allow them to idle in traffic.  They don't make peak torque
until after 7000 rpm, and peak power @8500 (and they could easily make more
than 300 hp if the cost-conscious rules didn't cut them off at this point;
even so, I'd bet each of these engines costs as much or more as what they
plan to market the new s4 at) which is simply not practical for a street car
(never mind durability).

Remember the 4 cylinders turbocharged
>BMW F1 engine from the 80's which make in excess of 700bhp?

Yeah, I remember the famed "Megatron" engine.  I recall the qualifying
engines made well over 1000 hp (I read 1200 somewhere) at @12 or 13k rpm.
Of course, they were only good for a few minutes at that power (I can't
imagine what ungodly boost they ran, 70-80 psi?) before they were a total
write-off.  Honda's subsequent v6's went even further.

Andrew Speer

84 CGT
84 4kq
82 5k