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Re: 4k carbon fiber parts...

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996 AUDIDUDI@delphi.com wrote:

> Yeah, like there's really somebody else in the world who might ever want a
> carbon-fiber gas cap lid for a 4k ... I'm not even sure that I want one!  
> > Did I make my self clear?  :-)
> Yes, indeedy.  I guess I'll toss it up in the attic instead of the trash.

	Twas in jest, but seriously, even if you think the market is very 
small, you have spent alot of time to build a tool, so that tool is worth 
alot of money.  In the future, if Rod Millen calls and wants you to 
build another carbon fibre gas filler door, you need only polish up 
the tool, and form another piece.  You can charge big bucks for pieces 
like that.  Parts such as this have a very small market potential, but 
the market that is there is very particular, and they will pay for the 
product when they find it.  It is definitely worth the storage space in 
the attic.

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