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Re: It's always that last bolt...

On Sat, 13 Jul 1996 Myke456@aol.com wrote:

> Found a 5k junker with 4 good turbo wheels for next years snows. Removed
> three, get to the last one, and one of the bolts just won't budge. Broke a
> few sockets, bent a breaker bar with a pipe extension. Going to buy/borrow a
> 6 point socket and big bar and go back, but some of those corners on the bolt
> are smoothed over. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd appreciate em.

Use an impact.  Air is much better than electric, but even that may 
work.  The shock of the impact often breaks bolts free.  Ironically 
enough, it is probably stuck because someone used an impact to put the 
bolt on.  I used an impact at a wrecking yard a couple weeks ago with a 
20 gal air tank.  I had enough air to remove a 5KCSTQ rear upper control 
arm, and one wheel when I got home!  Nice!

Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
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