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Re: It's always that last

 Myke456@aol.com writes:

 My> Found a 5k junker with 4 good turbo wheels for next years snows.
 My> Removed three, get to the last one, and one of the bolts just won't
 My> budge. Broke a few sockets, bent a breaker bar with a pipe extension.
 My> Going to buy/borrow a 6 point socket and big bar and go back, but some
 My> of those corners on the bolt are smoothed over. If anyone has any
 My> suggestions, I'd appreciate em. 

     Take a mini sledge, or even a larger ball peen hammer and
     give the bolt a few good whacks. This is usually enough to
     get even the worse of the worse off, after a few good whacks
     you should be able to get it off with just the breaker bar.


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