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Re: 4k carbon fiber parts...

>> Yes, indeedy.  I guess I'll toss it up in the attic instead of the trash.
>       Twas in jest, but seriously, even if you think the market is very 
>small, you have spent alot of time to build a tool, so that tool is worth 
>alot of money.  In the future, if Rod Millen calls and wants you to 
>build another carbon fibre gas filler door, you need only polish up 
>the tool, and form another piece.  You can charge big bucks for pieces 
>like that.  Parts such as this have a very small market potential, but 
>the market that is there is very particular, and they will pay for the 
>product when they find it.  It is definitely worth the storage space in 
>the attic.

Hehe... yeah, he could put an ad in the Registry ad section and
could become a 'sideline entrepreneur' and make enough on the side
to cover a few sacrifices!  ;) hehehe   (BTW, 'tis a joke, I'm not
trying to corrupt the list here.  :)

BTW, what are the advantages to a carbon fiber gas cap?  Will it
improve my 0-60 times?  ;)  hehehe



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