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hi y'all
i just got back from test driving a nice 86 5kcdturbo sedan. bright red with
black interior and 245000km. it ran really well with no looseness or
rattles. the tappet noise was quite loud. is this usual for this model? my
4ks's are almost silent since i rebuilt them and set the right pads in.
minor problems are brake pad warning light, temp gauge doesn't work, cracked
windshield and drivers side seat warmer.
i was surprised how well the car had been maintained but could find no
record of the timing belt being replaced. the car has had the same owner for
the last 200,000km. they are asking $4000.00 canadian. its seems a good deal
but i didn't need to spend more right now. what do you think?
tia mike
audi4ks x2
lada 1600 <kgb special>
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