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Re: A4 Quattro '96- leatherette

DavidE4414@aol.com writes:
> What are thoughts/ opinions on the leatherette option vs. leather vs. cloth.

On the A4, the leather is a $1280 (retail) option.  The cloth and
leatherette are no extra cost.  It really boils down to your
personal preference which you choose.

The leather interior simply gives the interior of the car that
much more "class".  The feel and the smell...  Not to mention
the possibility that it will enhance the resale value of the car.
However, leather does require periodic maintenance to keep them
from drying up and cracking.

If you don't want to spend the extra money for leather, then you
weigh the advantages and disadvantages between cloth and leatherette.
Cloth provides better grip in spirited driving, but can soil, tear
and fade more easily.  Leatherette is vinyl, so it doesn't have the
same "feel" as leather, and is generally harder and less comfortable,
and it gets very cold in winter and very hot under the summer sun...

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