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QCLUB & Mr. Fletch

	Didn't mean to start the whole QClub thing again the other day, 
sorry, but....

	FWIW, had "Fletch" been so kind as to include his e-mail address 
on his little post to me, this would not be on the list, but...again.

	Fletch sez  >>>It is a shame that you [meaning me] cannot form 
your own opinion on the club<<<

	Hmmmm.  Thought I *had* formed an opinion on my own.  I think the 
way the club operates sucks.  What, is that someone else's opinion too?

	>>>Do me a favor and don't badmouth anything you haven't had 
first hand experience with<<<

	Fletch, I guarantee you I have had more experience with 
operations that won't disclose basic financial and other information, in 
response to a proper request, than you and your 10,000 closest friends 
combined.  Under your theory, I guess one would never be positive he had 
stepped in shi* until after a report on the sample from the bottom of his 
shoe came back positive as a shi* substance.  Not me pal, one time is a 
plenty, thank you.  

	>>>If you do not do anything to make it better or a success, then 
YOU [meaning me, again] are the one that should take the heat<<<

	Seems like logic is taking a vacation here, but, okay...the QCLub 
problems are all *my* fault.  Secretly, I was the one that refused to 
answer the most basic questions about the financial dealings of the 
organization, I was the one that said the organization was tax-exempt, 
when apparently it wasn't, and I am the one who arrogantly expects other 
people to join and solve the problems with a Club they did not cause.  
Then, to top it all off, I quickly got the hell off this list when it 
started asking questions about the club that, well, I just did not want 
to answer.  Good tactic.  Blame someone else for the problems instead of 
fixing the problems---I'm certain that will *really* cause membership to 
increase.  Geez.